Want to build a Satellite, but don't have a NASA sized budget?

PocketQubes are dramatically lowering the costs of satellites. While a Cubesat may cost the same as a house, a PocketQube could cost less than an car


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New Standard, cheaper than you may think!  

Before PocketQube, the cheapest satellite was a Cubesat (10cm3: 1kg),which started around the$200,000 mark including cost of a flight. PocketQube is smaller (5cm3: 150g) and is therefore much cheaper to fly with prices starting from around the $35,000 mark to orbit.


 Students can fly their own ideas before they graduate!

Traditionally, students have tended to graduate before their Sat is launched. This can cause a whole bunch of issues if you have to replace the whole team half way through a build. PocketQube's simpler design lends itself to shorter design and build times.

Commercial off the shelf (COTS) Parts reduce hassle!

The use of commercial electronic components is increasingly attractive for the space domain. We are developing and have developed parts you can buy with a credit card on line. We also are looking to work with whoever is developing for the new standard. 

 Launch! We can help you find a ticket to orbit

You don't want to build a beautiful satellite for it to sit on your coffee table. PocketQube Shop can help you find the perfect launch vehicle for your newly completed satellite. We can help partner empty deployers with teams who need a ride.

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