We are working on the European Space Agency's first PocketQube mission Unicorn-1. Unicorn will trial the world's first Picosatellite Low Earth Orbit Inter-satellite link to a Geo-stationary platform. We have concluded the AIT phase and are now productising the platform for multiple clients use cases, including In Orbit Demonstrations (IOD) and In Orbit Validation (IOV) missions.

Unicorn-1 patch.jpg


Size: 2p (Double PocketQube), 50mm x 50 mm x114mm

Mass: 490 grams (approx). 100g available for payload

Payload: S-band Inter Satellite Link (ISL) radio, 

Launch: 2018, Unisat-7 

Orbit: 600km SSO

Partners include:

Alba Orbital Ltd (Prime), Avanti Plc, GAUSS Srl,

Platform Flyer: Link

Pricing: Pricing varies by mission, but starts from 159k euro for platform, 40k euro launch.

Case Studies: We are working with TUV Nord, Alter Technology and Optocap to develop the 'Optosat' for Semiconductor in space verification and demonstration. We published a paper on the project at the UK Space Conference 2017 - Link.

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