PocketQube Kit ‘Lite’

We launched the PocketQube Kit late last year and we received a lot of attention from the press and this resulted in a lot of tweaking and improving the product. We added the PQ60 ProtoQube board to allow Kit owners to rapidly prototype new payloads as well as adding a Peli Carry Case to ensure against damage in transit and a safe way to store the Kit.

Today we are introducing a ‘Lite’ Version of the PocketQube Kit. The Kit will be an essentials only style of product, with no Radio and hopefully no sticker shock. For $3499 customers will get an Onboard Computer, Labsat Test board, ProtoQube and a 1p Structure.

The lower price point will hopefully allow it to reach more budgets, particularly those who use small STEM grant to fund activities. Previously a $6k kit was outside the small grant scope, which typically maxed out at $5k or so, depending on the funding body.

We welcome feedback on the Kit (feel free to send me an personal email) and look to incorporate it into future versions of the product. We are hiring a dedicated software engineer to build a Labsat GUI interface to make usability even better, an aspire to pass the Granny test.



Founder/CEO PocketQube Shop